But schools are much quicker to banish the former

Mascot Tussle Bedevils Officials Alumni Cheer Tradition So far, it appears the Colville School District will be on its own Aug. 26 when it again takes up a request to abandon its Indian theme mascots. The Colville Confederated Tribes council hasn responded to the school board renewed plea for more discussion on the tribes requestContinue reading “But schools are much quicker to banish the former”

Visit the coolest high tech startup

## ## Maverick Young Entrepreneur Boot Camp HOW MUCH: $200 (See scholarship application below). Register before April 1 to get an early bird discount!Refund policy: camp makes extensive plans for campers, including meals and daily transportation for field trips. more than five business days before the start of camp will receive a refund less aContinue reading “Visit the coolest high tech startup”

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