Although the word Harajuku has only spelled fashion

who are the real girls behind the Hollywood obsession

Japanese pop culture has always commanded a cultish following its anime/manga, video games, Pokemon, and Hello Kitty are enjoyed all over the replica louis vuitton world. But now, Americans have also discovered something else that intrigues them the Harajuku girls.The Harajuku girls, done up in bizarre outfits and makeup, hang out in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku district. Previously little known outside of Japan, they rose to fame when the lead singer of Ska/punk band “No Doubt,” Gwen Stefani, featured them in her recent solo debut album: Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The singer’s video from her first single “What Ya Waiting For?” is shot with a distinct Japanesy flair, supplemented by four black liquid eye lined, pig tailed, and cherry lipped “Harajuku girls” prancing around in clothes by Vivian Westwood. In a recent Marie Claire interview louis vuitton look alike bags , Stefani says the idea of using Japanese girls as backup dancers came to her in a dream. These so called Harajuku girls appear throughout the album, even in songs that have no apparent relation to them. The album also includes a song titled in the girls’ honor, in which Stefani professes, “Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style I like the way that you are I am your biggest fan, oh.”As if video appearances were not enough, Stefani also has Harajuku girls trailing after her for appearances in promotional and red carpet events. During interviews, the entourage sit behind the singer with studied disaffection, and alter their facial expressions and shift around periodically, although always seemingly on cue. When asked about them during an interview on MTV, she replied. “Can you even see them? I mean, are they even there?” claiming they are a figment of her imagination. Although some love the concept, others feel that the singer is exploiting a subculture by packaging the girls a la Hollywood and marketing them to the mainstream. In fact, various web sites/blogs have sprung up that dedicate themselves to the discussion of these four faux harajuku girls cheap replica handbags , named Angel, Love, Music, and Baby after her album title. When asked about this recent trend, Rachel Dodes, a 27 year old journalist and a New York native says: “Harajuku girls? They are so hot here! I think a gaggle of Japanese girls is the next Louis Vuitton handbag the ultimate accessory.” Harajuku girls, like sushi restaurants, have become another cool Japanese cultural export and yet another addition to the image of ‘Japan Cool’. But who are the real Harajuku girls, the true girls that inspired an American pop singer to exalt them to the point of obsession?Harajuku as a Fashion MeccaBefore the Olympic Games came to Tokyo, Harajuku was little more than a quiet residential neighborhood, only just recovered from the destruction of World War II. It came into its own, however, in 1964, after the government converted a stretch along Omotesando into an Olympic Village for the high quality designer replica handbags athletes. The games brought a slew of foreign visitors, which stamped the once sleepy town with a cool, modern image. Harajuku remains THE district of fashion.Although the word Harajuku has only spelled fashion for Westerners in recent years, it has, in fact, been a trendsetter for over 30 years.In the 1970s, fad cultures here exuberated a more rebellious streak. The original place of congregation was inside Harajuku’s cheap replica handbags Yoyogi Park, where up until the early 80s hip youngsters called the Takenozoku on Sundays engaged in such delinquent behaviors as smoking cigarettes, greasing their fake designer bags hair, and dancing. They symbolized youth decadence and rebellion (even documented by an NHK program). In the mid 1980s, however, dancing, cigarette touting youngsters gave way to the “bando zoku,” amateur bands who gathered to showcase their talent. Its nature, however, has taken a turn for the innocuous. For example, to the left of Harajuku Station lies Tokyo’s answer to the avenue of the Champs Elysees, the wide tree lined Omotesando dori, home to very adult and mostly high end brands such as Gucci, Armani, and Burberry. It also sports Japan’s largest Louis Vuitton 1:1 replica handbags store, in front of which begin queues that wind down several streets whenever a new handbag or limited edition item is launched. Venturing into the side streets of Omotesando, however, you find the equally famous Takeshita dori, a narrow road only replica louis vuitton bags 440 meters long. This “dori,” or street, is a breeding ground for young fashion and particularly attuned to the capricious nature of trends, testified by the furious pace in which new shops replace old ones. On weekends and holidays, the road is packed with tourists , locals, and fashion conscious youngsters alike, making it difficult at times to stroll in a straight line.As for the bando zoku, in 2003 residents who were fed up with the noise and general mayhem cracked down on the Sunday jams in Yoyogi Park. This was not enough to stop Harajuku from being a showcase town, however. The young people today have moved just outside the park, onto Jingubashi bridge, near the station at the entrance of Meiji Shrine. Although bands occasionally play on Jingubashi, today the bridge mainly serves as the meeting place for the “Harajuku girls.” (This particular area is no longer officially Harajuku, since it was changed to Jingu Mae, but locals still refer to the vicinity of the bridge by its old name.) Unlike the wannabes in Hollywood, these girls are the real thing, easily spotted by their eye popping, over the top clothes. They dress in Halloween like costumes, don outrageous makeup, and hang around on Sundays, not doing much besides socializing with their equally outrageously clad peers and occasionally posing for the incredulous tourists or photojournalists. Some of the girls live hours away, but take the train in every week just to be seen.”It makes me feel free,” says Kuren, who makes her own cosupure (costume play) outfits. On most days, the girls wear school uniforms, and only on Sundays when they come here do they blatantly express Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica their style Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags and personality. Although initially bewildering, the fashions, you find, follow guidelines, and almost all the girls fake louis bag place themselves in a certain genre. It has the look of a gothic Victorian baby doll combining the look of Lolita fashion (deliberate cuteness and contrived innocence), with certain gothic styles. According to Wikipidea, aaa replica designer handbags this particular look emerged as a youth subculture around 1997 1998 and became a well established genre in Japanese department stores circa 2001.There are variations of the Gothic Lolita look. One is the more feminine “Classic Lolita” (more traditional, girlish clothing), and the most common is called “Elegant Gothic Lolita” (EGL). The EGL style is well known among fans of bijuaru kei (visual style) bands, a form of Japanese rock music in which musicians perform in elaborate costumes. The physical peculiarities of the EGL look were popularized by Mana, the cross dressing leader of the now disbanded Malice Mizer group. He coined the term EGL and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA, for men who like to dress up in the Victorian style), which he used to describe the fashion of his own label, Moi meme Moitie. The standard “dress code” is usually short (above the knee), puffy and lacy, worn with knee high tights or fishnet stockings. Classic Lolitas, on the other hand, prefer longer dresses with more feminine designs and do not shy away from carrying stuffed animals or wearing straw hats and bonnets. EGAs usually wear lots of black, red, and white. They sometimes carry high quality replica handbags china small props in the shape of coffins, bats, and crucifixes. “It’s totally sick, seeing these old men hanging around young girls and taking pictures of them,” says Rivena Ridikir, a pretty 24 year old blond from Germany and a self confessed manga enthusiast who studies Japanese at Sophia University. “These guys obviously have a fetish or something.”Rivena and her American friend Jamie are two of a handful of foreigners in outre outfits (which they claim is everyday wear). When asked what brought them to Jingubashi bridge, Rivena replied, “I am just here to look around myself, and to take some pictures. I love their styles. I think they are wonderful and I hate how the West is now taking this totally underground thing and making it commercial.” Jamie adds, “Back home I was one of the few people who dressed this way, so sometimes I make the clothes myself and sell them on the Internet.” Although entrepreneurial sounding, Jamie was quick to dismiss the suggestion that she is anything about business: “Oh no, I hate capitalism and all of that.”Another genre popular among young girls is cosupure, a portmanteau of “costume” and “play.” This subculture’s participants dress as their favorite characters from manga, anime, video games, and Japanese pop music bands. At Harajuku the cosupure girls usually like to imitate an idol from a favorite band, although maid costumes are particularly popular amongst manga fans elsewhere in Tokyo, such as geek central, Electric Town in Akihabara, spawning cafes where young waitresses dressed as maids serve a mostly male clientele. Kuren, aged 15, sports a hand sewn costume modeled after the look of members in “Dir en Grey,” another prominent J punk Rock band. She travels over an hour and a half from Saitama to join a friend who makes a three and a half hour trip from Nagano by express bus. Although this is purely a recreational activity for most, their dedication indicates the seriousness with which they approach their Sunday outings.Two Goth Loli girls, Higurakiyo and Kirio, have been coming to Harajuku for two years. Like many other girls, they shop at Takeshita dori boutiques and then re arrange the clothes to their own liking. “My parents have already given up,” says Higurakiyo, who, at age 22, is clearly more mature and articulate than the younger members of the mini community. “The only thing they ask is that I don’t hang around our neighborhood dressed like this.”.

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From there, the film descends into a glory montage

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But schools are much quicker to banish the former

Mascot Tussle Bedevils Officials Alumni Cheer Tradition

So far, it appears the Colville School District will be on its own Aug. 26 when it again takes up a request to abandon its Indian theme mascots.

The Colville Confederated Tribes council hasn responded to the school board renewed plea for more discussion on the tribes request that the Colville High School Indians, the Colville Junior High Warriors and the Fort Spokane Middle School Chiefs get new names.

Only the Colville School District is affected because the tribal government is limiting its name change requests to schools in its traditional territory. The Nespelem School, in the heart of the Colville Indian Reservation, plans to abandon its Savages mascot this fall.

The North Central High School Indians, the Reardan High School Indians and the Spokane Indians professional baseball team are in the Spokane Tribe historic homeland and the Spokane tribal council is staying out of the fray.

Recently retired North Central Principal Sandra Fink said the school has enjoyed a good relationship with the Spokane Tribe, and hasn been asked to change its mascot. Years ago, tribal leaders helped design the school Indian logo, she said.

were always very supportive, and their interest was more in making sure that our students have a good understanding of traditions and the culture, Fink said.

As recently as 1994, the Colville High School Indians had a formal blessing from the Colville Tribes. Since then, though, tribal leaders became convinced that the school mascot preserves false stereotypes about native culture.

Fink said North Central High School has attempted to teach native culture through a variety of activities, including sponsorship of a powwow.

She said offensive practices, such as the Atlanta Braves tomahawk chop cheer, weren a problem in her 22 years as a teacher and administrator at North Central. But smaller issues have come up from time to time.

Two years ago, the school top jazz choral group quit calling itself the Teepee Lighters. Also, Indian logo carpeting is being eliminated as it wears out because of concerns that stepping on the symbol is disrespectful.

Fink said the school attempts to prevent future missteps by referring issues such as design of the yearbook cover to a student committee composed mostly of Native Americans.

Colville school Superintendent Rick Cole wants to avoid future misunderstandings by having a public discussion with Colville tribal leaders before changing any mascots. A number of secondary issues need to be considered, he said.

Among other things, Cole wants to know whether the tribal government wants the district to get rid of a couple of totem poles and a new $40,000 Indian style sculpture by Chewelah artist David Govedare. Cole includes the Govedare sculpture at Colville High in a $151,000 estimate of the cost of changing mascots. Athletic uniforms account for most of the cost.

A public discussion also could soften the community resentment he anticipates if mascots are changed, Cole believes.

The magnitude of the political problem became clear at Colville High centennial reunion earlier this summer.

Alumni took a straw poll in which opposition to changing the school mascot was 473 18.

About 3,000 alumni still live in the area. Numbers like that can be ignored by school officials who need to pass levies and bond measures or just want to keep their jobs.

Even in Indian country, feelings are mixed on the issue.

Some Colville tribal members oppose asking Colville High students to quit being Indians.

Tribal member Pierre Louie, director of a highly regarded sobriety camp at Inchelium, co sponsored a public meeting to denounce the tribal government position as counterproductive. But several other tribal members have publicly criticized Louie statements.

The Spokane Tribe council refuses to be drawn into the controversy.

the tribe position is they believe they should not be forced to take a position on this, tribal attorney Dave Lundgren said. believe that people should have to follow their own hearts on this. of Indian theme mascots generally make no distinction between those with clearly negative connotations and those that may be well intentioned. But schools are much quicker to banish the former.

Colville Junior High changed its Savages mascot five years ago at the suggestion of new Principal Tom Flugel, who came from the Inchelium School (home of the Hornets) on the Colville Reservation.

## ## In Enterprise, Ore., where Nez Perce Indians are being welcomed back as landowners after being driven out a century ago, the school board voted last month to get rid of its high school Savages mascot.

But the Wellpinit School in the heart of the Spokane Indian Reservation retains its Redskins mascot without controversy. Superintendent Reid Riedlinger said he was uneasy about the name when he came in 1991, but students and community members made it clear they liked the name.

just not an issue here, he said.

The Spokane Indians baseball team also has escaped the controversy, President Andy Billig said. He attributes that to the team policy of not using any Native American images, much less tomahawk chops.

don want to offend anyone, Billig said, noting the team name is a nearly century old tradition. there is anyone who is offended by our name, we would love to hear from him. Almira and Coulee Hartline school districts adopted a similar philosophy when they consolidated 10 years ago and needed a new mascot. Former Rebels and Rams decided to become generic Warriors. Although the districts are in the Colville Tribes traditional territory, they use no Indian imagery.

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